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  • When: Wednesday, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 7:00 PM
  • Where: Melrose City Hall, Cassidey Conference Room – formerly Mayor’s Conference Room (enter from lower rear door)
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In addition to having bike parking services at the Victorian Fair this Sunday, September 9th, we are co-hosting a ride on Saturday. September 8th –Bike Ride to the Northern Strand Community Trail.

Bike Day 2015.06.18Bike Checks at the Farmers market – The Ped/Bike Committee performs basic repairs to bicycles the Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market during the summer.  The dates are July 5 ,  August 16, September 20, and October 11.


North/South Bike Network Plan

The Melrose Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee is pleased to present the final North-South Bicycle Network Plan.

City of Melrose Residents!

Elections-Ward-Precinct-Map copyHave a larger problem that needs to be addressed?  Such as a needed crosswalk or timing of a working light?  Contact your Alderman.  Not sure which ward or precinct you’re in?  Here’s a street by street listing and here’s a map.


Bike Melrose

Bike Melrose

Bike Melrose

Bike parking program expanding in Melrose. All the bike racks have been identified with a Bike Melrose sign – a campaign by the Mass in Motion program.

Pedestrian Safety TipsMotorists need to watch out for pedestrians and pedestrians need to watch out for motorists. Motorists have more responsibility under the law. PEDESTRIANS HAVE MORE AT STAKE.In order to keep all road users safe, here are some tips to consider.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Test your knowledge of Massachusetts bicycle laws.

Bike safety is the responsibility of both the rider and others on the road.  MassBike has a condensed list of Bike Laws

The Boston Police provide a handy video for anyone.  Refresh your memory on the law of the road for bicycles and autumobiles.

MassBike also has a handy Kids Flyer (PDF) which is a one page flyer providing helmet fit, bike safety checks, and rules of the road.

See more tips here.

Make our roads and walkways safeDo you have a sidewalk or roadway repair requeUntitledst? For specific sidewalk or roadway repairs, pothole or general request for roadway repair? Click on this website and select the specific service you need. You can see the current list of potholes here.broken sidewalk

Go Green anytime!

Tips and Resources for Sustainable Transportation