Livable Cities Workshop

Melrose was fortunate to be granted a Livability Cities Workshop presented by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).

On August 7, 2013, Beth Isler, Boston Region MPO and Jessica Roberts, MAPC, gave an interactive workshop to the Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory committee.

The purpose of the LCW was to specify how the Melrose Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee could provide input on projects and engage the City to improve healthy, active transportation in Melrose. Two major themes came out of this LCW process:

  1. The need to document Committee activities, particularly those involving outreach, in order to demonstrate public support for bicycling and walking infrastructure improvements to the City.
  2. The Committee should maintain regular and continuous communication with both the Planning and Public Works departments to stay abreast of upcoming projects and opportunities to participate in the planning process.

Considered 3 of our long term goals:

  1. Providing input on projects. The MassDOT “design guide manual” provides mechanisms for community involvement. Suggestions:
    1. Participate in site plan review (via planning board public hearings). Adam mentions that the planning board only meets once a month, as does board of appeals. So we could stay in touch and find out whether there’s something relevant on the agenda.
    2. Ask mayor for representation on Community Development Council (if it exists — unclear)
    3. Ask to be included in project task force and steering committees.
  2. Develop ped-bike plan
    1. Define vision and goals
    2. Review previous plans and studies
    3. Assess existing conditions
    4. Identify gaps and opportunities
    5. Make recommendations (infrastructure and non-infrastructure)
    6. Develop implementation. Temporary demonstration projects are often a good tactic.
  3. Draft complete streets policy. Beth has a workbook to help with this (4 copies are passed around).
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