Tremont/Essex Street Commuter Rail Corridor Plan Released

MAPC and the City of Melrose are pleased to announce the official release of the Tremont/Essex Street Commuter Rail Corridor Plan. The final document includes a vision for the Corridor and recommendations for land use, zoning, transportation, and public realm improvements to help catalyze opportunities and create an active, walkable, mixed-use, transit-oriented Corridor.

Mayor Dolan has directed Melrose Planning Staff to begin working on implementing the recommendations of the Corridor Plan, implementing changes to capture the opportunities identified in the Plan. The City has also applied for a MassWorks grant to make improvements in the Highlands area to sidewalks, curbing, pedestrian crossings, streetscape, and parking facilities. Notifications on the grant are expected in November.

Mayor Infurna's Blog

Over the past ten months, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, together with the City of Melrose, undertook a study of the Tremont/Essex Street Corridor. The study focused on opportunities to create transit oriented development (TOD) around the Cedar Park and Highlands Commuter Rail stations, as well as along Tremont Street, which connects these two stations. The study outlines a major initiative that our new Board of Aldermen will undertake next year.

The process involved engaging the local community during two well attended public meetings where local residents, business owners and property owners outlined their vision for the Tremont/Essex Street Corridor.

The completed study addresses ways in which the corridor could support a broader mix of uses, accommodate new housing opportunities, bolster the existing business areas around the Commuter Rail stations, and connect the surrounding neighborhoods to transit through improved walking and biking infrastructure.

The overall vision from the residents, businesses…

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