Walk Bike to School Day, Oct. 7 – Why Walk or Bike?


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It’s Fun! There’s a feeling of joy and independence — a sense of adventure.  People can appreciate things they don’t notice while driving, seeing friends and neighbors.

Healthier Habits.  Incorporate a regular physical activity into your child’s day.  This will also help your child pay attention better during school.

Sofia with Donna Hanks, Winthrop NurseCleaner Environment.  No vehicles means no air poluting fumes to inhale or contribute  to the atmosphere.

Promoting Safety.  Fewer cars means accident causing vehicles.  In 2009, 203,000 children ages 15 and younger were injured in motor vehicle crashes – only 7% of those were pedestrians. 

Community Benefits.  More people walking or biking means less traffic congestion.  A stronger sense of community because people can talk to people face to face.  Communities with higher rates of walking and bicycling tend to have lower crash rates for all travel modes.  It saves money —encouraging and enabling bicycle and pedestrian trips reduces costs for the family and communities— saving on gas as well as communities spending less on maintaining roads.  Sidewalks, paths and other investments in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure can increase home values and direct additional traffic to local businesses. 

Walk Bike to SchoolChoose to go by foot or bike – it’s good for you, your neighbor, your community, and, best of all, IT’S FUN!

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