Bike Share Program

At the Ped/Bike December monthly committee meeting, The City of Melrose Planning Department, Denise Gaffey and Emma Schnur, shared their data with the Ped/Bike Advisory Committee on the LimeBike pilot program that began in Melrose October 2018, and is currently scheduled to end May 3, 2018.  You can see the slide presentation here.   You can also see some great information on the City’s link to the Bike Share Program.

Highlights include:

  • There are 15 communities participating in this MAPC 1-year pilot program that began in May 2018.  Melrose started operating within the program in October 2018.  They may extend the pilot program past May which would give Melrose an opportunity to test the program more as it started later in the program’s year.
  • Each community has their own Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Work (SOW) that defines things like bike counts, hotspot locations, parking guidelines, winter operations, and rebalancing of bikes to locations where people are likely to need them.
  • The Melrose SOW allows up to 100 bikes, with the flexibility to decrease/increase that count.  There are currently about 40 bikes on the road.  So far, the larges number of bikes on the road has been 80.
  • Other communities report complaints of insufficient bikes.
  • There are specific rules about where bikes cannot be parked, how long bikes can be parked, and mechanisms to contact the vendor to address improperly parked bikes.
  • From May to December, 2018, riders on manual bikes had 2,772 rides initiated in Melrose with 1,106 riders riding 2,117 miles an average of 11 minutes per trip.
  • From August to December, 2018, riders on E-bikes had 349 rides initiated in Melrose with 140 riders riding 211 miles an average of 9 minutes per trip.
  • There have been no reports of safety issues from Melrose, nor were there any crashes involving LimeBikes in any of the other communities participating in this pilot program.
  • If someone sees a LimeBike parked incorrectly or that is broken or inoperable, they can notify Lime by email (, phone (888-546-3345), the Lime app, SeeClickFix website or app.
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