Bicycle Safety Tips

Rules of the Road

The Committee, in conjunction with Mass Bike and Safe Routes to School, offers the following rules of the road reminders for bicyclists:

  • Always stop before entering the road and look both ways
  • Ride on the right, in the same direction as cars
  • Obey traffic signs, signals, and laws
  • Stop at all red lights and stop signs
  • Look back and signal before turning
  • Stop for people walking
  • If you ride at night you need a white front light and a red rear light

Bike Helmets
When it comes to your bike helmet, remember EYES EARS MOUTH.  First adjust your helmet so it is level and snug.
EYES:  You should see the edge of your helmet when you look up.
EARS:  The straps should meet right under your ears to form a Y.
MOUTH:  The strap should be snug enough that if you open your mouth you feel the helmet pull down.
Need a helmet?  During regular City Hall business hours, the Melrose Health Department (located in the Lower Level City Hall, 562 Main Street) sells bike helmets for all (sizes toddler to XL) for $10.00.

What clothes to wear
BRIGHT:  Wear bright clothing so that others can see you.
TIGHT:  Tuck away shoelaces and backpack straps. Watch your pant legs.

Bike Checkup
Air:  Pinch the tires, they should be hard.
Brakes:  Make sure brakes work and aren’t rubbing the tire.
Chain:  Make sure you can shift gears and the chain is tight.
QUICK:  Make sure all quick release levers and/or bolts are tight, especially the wheels.
CHECK:  Make sure nothing else on your bike is broken.

For Bicyclists:

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee will continue to offer tools and resources and welcomes input from the community.  Please email