Bike Melrose to Boston

The route used for the Melrose to Boston Bike Fridays looks something like this.  The route takes Main Street south to the Northern Strand Trail in Malden center, continues on the bike path to the end, jogs over to Route 99, goes through Sullivan Square, and then on Main Street through Charlestown.


  • If you’re on the east side of Melrose, you can pick up more of the bike path through Malden (see the Bike to the Sea map).  If you’re on the west side of Melrose, you might also try Lynn Fells Parkway to Fellsway East.
  • The worst part of the convoy route is the rotary at the confluence of Route 16, Route 99, and Main Street in Everett. Some people prefer to avoid that rotary when they’re on their own by taking Commercial Street through Malden to the Wellington T station. From the back of the Wellington parking lot, you can join up with a bike path that takes you to the Route 28 bridge, across the Mystic, and along a new path on the waterfront side of Assembly Square.
  • Getting from Charlestown to Boston can be accomplished car free by walking over the locks between Paul Revere Park and North Station, or more directly by taking the Rutherford Ave / N. Washington St. bridge.
  • In summer 2015, there’s more infrastructure work scheduled that may create some better routes, including improved bicycle accommodations to get across the Malden River (not the Mystic) along Route 16 from the Northern Strand Trail to Wellington.