Go Green Anytime

Tips and Resources for Sustainable Transportation

To work:

  • Walk for part or all of your commute.
  • Bike to the T: Use the new Pedal and Park locked bicycle storage facility at Oak Grove T Station. To get into the bike cage, you must register your CharlieCard.  To get a Charlie Card, visit the MBTA’s card locationHere are the locations in Melrose.
  • Join NuRide – Find others to carpool with for free through Nuride, the carpooling and rewards program for individuals who take greener trips — walking, biking, carpooling, vanpooling, public transportation, or even telecommuting. Co-sponsored by Mass DOT. www.commute.com

At work:

  • Take a walk during lunch instead of sitting at your desk.

Around town:

  • Meeting a friend for coffee? Bike and use the racks at the Y.
  • Taking your kids to the library? Use the bike rack out front.
  • Weekend sports events? Walk or bike as a family to the game.


  • Turn off your car’s engine for any stop of 30 seconds or more.
    • 10 seconds of idling wastes more fuel than restarting the engine.
    • 3.8 million gallons of fuel is wasted by idling in the U.S. every day.
    • If each car reduced its idling time by two minutes per day we could save over one million gallons of gas and keep over 22 billion pounds of CO2 out of the air each year.
  • Join a local bicycling group – you don’t need to be a speed racer! Some examples: