North/South Bicycle Network Plan

The Melrose Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee is pleased to present the final North-South Bicycle Network Plan.  Please note: the information contained within the NS Plan represents concepts put forth by the Melrose Pedestrian & Bicycle Committee and is still undergoing review by City departments.

The City of Melrose was awarded a grant from MassDOT to implement north-south improvements for people riding bicycles through Melrose.  The City requested recommendations from the Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee for specific design concepts.

The North South Bicycle Network Plan proposes three routes:

  • Low stress route (mainly along Vinton Street)
  • Business route (mainly along Tremont Street)
  • Commuter route (mainly along Main Street)

The North South Bicycle Network Plan recommends specific roadway treatments that will enhance cyclist safety and provide options for different levels of cyclists from those very comfortable to those less comfortable with motor vehicle traffic.  These different options are meant to encourage all residents to ride safely on our streets. The plan also provides signage and wayfinding recommendations.

Improvements for Everyone
The Ped-Bike Committee is committed to improving access and safety for everyone. The N-S Bike Plan includes enhancements for people walking, biking, driving, and riding the bus. By limiting the proposed construction materials to paint, signage and safe-hit posts, this proposal seeks to create as much value as possible, over the largest area, with minimal funding.