Roadway Improvement Projects

Franklin St./Melrose Highlands Improvement Project

The final design of the Franklin St./Melrose Highlands Improvement Project have been completed.  Drawings have gone out for bid June 11th, 2014.  The public open house for the project was May 29th.  You can see a copy of the plan of the project here.

The Committee was part of the design process, attending 3 design meeting between December and May.  Because of the lane width requirements and parking, a dedicated bike lane could not be added to this road.  However, ‘sharrows‘ will be painted onto the roadway reminding motorists to share the road.

2014 will see mostly utility work.  Repaving and restriping the pavement is expected in the spring of 2015.

Lynn Fells Parkway/DCR

Members from the Melrose Ped & Bicycle Advisory Committee (MPBAC) met with DCR Commissioner and engineers along with the Mayor and the City DPW Director and Engineer on May 28, 2014.  The MPBAC showed the proposed bike plan network.  They point out that Lynn Fells Parkway bisects the city and connects schools, parks, etc.
The committee asked when DCR planned to restripe the road that it take into account pedestrian and bicycle safety.

DCR will be restriping the portion of the Lynn Fells Parkway between Vinton and the Saugus line before October 2014.  Between Bellevue Ave. and the Saugus line it plans to add dedicated bicycle lanes, narrowing the travel lane to do so.  Between Bellevue and Vinton, it is less likely may to put in dedicated bike lane due to multiple travel lanes and more onstreet parking.  Sharrows are possible, but DCR considers sharrows an old form of providing bicycle facilities.  It may do so if Melrose made a commitment to education and enforcement.

DCR will be resurfacing the portion of the Lynn Fells Parkway between Vinton and the Stoneham line in the next 2 years.  They believe this area will be able to fit in dedicated bicycles lanes as well.

Lebanon St. Project

Lebanon Street utility improvements are currently being made.  Once the roadway is resurface, it will be restriped and include sharrows.